You are cordially invited to the Grand Opening of the Children’s Hands-On Museum of NW Illinois on Friday, March 22, 2019 at noon at Lincoln Mall, 1237 W. Galena Avenue, Freeport.

The CHOM board is thrilled to be able to open a premier children’s museum for our area featuring entertaining, encouraging, educational, and exceptional exhibits and activities for children where “learning and play go hand in hand.”

– Our sensory learning area for special needs children offers healthy and safe experiences second to none in our area

– Emphases of STEM foster learning for older children in a new way

– Art, drama, and music

– Farm to Fork agricultural and food areas

– Kids Build lets children use real building materials and tools

– Tot Spot for toddlers, Lily Pad Lane for crawlers

– Health and Wellness area allows children to explore the medical arts

Thanks to the amazing generosity of the area with founders, donors, supporters, groups, builders, artisans, volunteers, and contractors, the CHOM board has been able to work tirelessly to open our museum.

We sincerely hope you will be able to join us.

CHOM Board of Directors
Jessi Larson, President
Shirley Jordan, Vice-President
Dovie Anderson, Secretary
Susan Walt, Treasurer
Gwynne French, Publicity
Mark Miller